Harnessing the Potential of Technology through Citrix on Azure Merger

Today, both Microsoft Azure and Citrix are undergoing a metamorphosis. They had already been best business buddies in the field of remote desktop devices. At Citrix Synergy 2017, Mr. Satya Nadella, (the current CEO of Microsoft) said that the partnership was crucial for the empowerment of the IT world. Forming cohesive partnerships with leaders like Citrix was the way to go! Citrix CEO Mr. Kirill Tatarinov concurred.

With Citrix making headways into high fidelity Cloud services with XenMobile Device Management- the NetScaler Gateway Service, XenApp, XenDesktop, and ShareFile… A simple and consistent administrative platform was expected. Citrix naturally was drawn to the likes of Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

The business relationship is symbiotic: Citrix is moving towards virtualization whereas Microsoft looks to find a stable platform for its Windows 10. The general idea is about making the lay-users more informed and also for them to get a more pleasant user experience.

Enabling experts from all around the world to work on a common platform and at the same time to work from anywhere, anytime!  This helps Citrix mobilize its workforce in a very animated way in order to gain a competitive advantage over its contemporaries in today’s strategic business universe.

The Citrix Edge!

Citrix provides a unique and innovative concept of virtualization and is the only product of its kind. In today’s environment, Citrix facilitates a firm, more agile approach towards meeting customer needs and demands.

By centralizing and securing the data on a trusted Citrix platform, it is possible to keep the data safe and access protected. Thus, lost or stolen devices cannot further facilitate any threat to the data integrity. All leading agencies like financial, government based rely on fault tolerance.

Flexible to the Hilt and Deploying XenApp Essentials

Citrix on Azure combines the best of both worlds in the sense that it mixes adaptability software of XenApp as well as the power and enterprise flexibility of Microsoft Azure.

XenApp Essentials is the New Age Virtualization service by Azure. Considering every use case, it simplifies app and desktop delivery. Delivered through the Citrix Cloud, XenApp Essentials helps in the easy and fast deployment of application workloads. In addition to accessing their applications anytime and anywhere, users of the same workspace can work concurrently on more than one app. It is important to note that the users can deal with the buggy cloud connections…by HDX goodness through the XenDesktop feature in conjunction with the XenApp Essentials feature. 

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